How To Play:

Karate chop pose with right hand, pressing the spacebar and at least one other key above it. Supported keys are E-O, D-K, C-M. I made this on a Macbook so I dunno how well the keys will line up on your keyboard.

Made in 24 hours during a game jam. The topic was "One Button," so I made this game, which uses like 30 buttons. Cool.

Titles are hard, but hopefully this way I can cash in on some of that sweet "Dan In Real Life" SEO.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out!

Sound Effects used:

Background Music: nightRain by airtone (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
Wood Sound:
Brick Sound:
Knife Sound:
Car sounds:
Blender Sound:
TV On Sound:
Girl Sound 1:
Girl Sound 2:

I didn't end up using this texture, but I really like this download page:


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Strong In Real Life - 24 MB


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So emotional. What does it matter if I'm strogn, if I cant win the sports in the end????


(great game tho)

Glad you found the deeper meaning :) thanks for checking it out!


Ha ha wow, great little game to have a laugh. Feel like there was deeper meaning though

Thank you!

yes I had a good time playing this

best karate simulator ever

Thanks for giving it a shot!